Help ID This Font Used in Another Mag


Can anyone help with IDing this typeface? I really like the Q, G, and lower case E. I can't seem to find anything similar.


That is one strange unicase typeface. Any info on the source (print or web) year/country of origin--and perhaps a larger sample?

Looks like a ransom note where letters from fonts of different widths but the same caps height, and a lowercase _e_ expanded to the caps height, were carefully lined up to make words. Note that some letters such as _A_, _M_ and _R_ come in both wide and narrow widths.
Possibly the capitals are from the same font and were severely compressed in some cases but not in others.

As for _Q_ it's somewhat similar to Avant Garde.

Reminds me of Carlton.

Ano Serif by Gareth Hauge (Alias)

Ryuk, good call for a similar _G_ from Carlton. It also has a similar top overhanging _A_ as an alt. Letraset got its design -- according a predigtal Letraset catalog -- from Stephenson Blake. The original is Ehmcke Antiqua by Fritz Helmut Ehmcke 1908.

Thanks Frode! That's it! I instantly thought about Gareth Hague from Alias Type mainly remembering Ano. Checked Alias website but apparently not correctly... Ano Serif it is!