Part of a business card


Cropped from a business card from a local business in Athens, TN - Better Built Transmissions Inc

Please help me figure out what this font is.


van Bronkhorst, Mark/MascotMVB (with lc size reduction)
ArtistofDesign AZ-Cut Script
Or: CastCraft Software/OPTISport-Script

Good finds Dick.
The original font designer is unknown. Various digital fonts based on it were produced over the years under names such as Spoleto [Novel], OPTISport Script, and Aktuelle [Brendel]. After an earlier comparison of these fonts I concluded that the OPTISport Script is probably an original digitization.
The business card probably used one of these versions, unless it used a predigital source.
The [unauthorized] archive of fonts from the defunct OPTI company states that the pre-digital original is _Athletic Script_. This is the name the embroidery companies now use for this script, but I can find nothing on Athletic Script as a regular font.
Mark Bronkhorst's Mascot MVB [2012] is probably the best quality digital version.
Mike Yanega's Script Font ID Guide has a character set of Spoleto
Here is a working link to AZ-Cut-Script
As for the name of the font used in the card, might as well call it Athletic Script.