Calligraphy Script font name please


Can anyone help name this font? Appreciate your help.



Old English and Cloister Black would be generic bases for recreating this look:

Your sample, though has an additional spur on the left vertical of the M, as well as embellishments on both capital letters.

The closest digital match I could find is a blackletter by Font Mesa, but it only comes in an italic:

It is, however, based on a metal font by MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan Co, Philadelphia, and there was a condensed/upright version that is a dead on match to your sample (though yours has lost the fine line details). Unfortunately, I haven't found a digital version of it (this sample dates from 1892):

Found a free for personal use version: Co.

The typeface was designed by Paul Lloyd of Greater Albion Typefounders (, but I don't see a commercial use/licensable version anywhere.

Great, thanks I appreciate the help :)


Good finds Kevin, with the MS&J Condensed Black No. 2 and Paul Lloyd's digital recreation as Plain Black. My files do not show who was the creator of MS&J Condensed Black No. 2. The sample image seems to be from Paul Lloyd's digital font.