Do Rzeczy


Hoping to ID the font for the title serif and the sans used for sub-titles. Thanks!


(don't see the sans...)

Except for the /R leg which could have been edited, it is close to Mercury Display Bold by Hoefler.

Thanks DPape! It is close indeed, I had thought Mercury Display also. If it is Mercury it has definitely been customised. Still eager to explore the possibility that it is another font, particularly for the "R" treatment.

The sans (within the boxes) is somewhat clearer in the additional attached images. The numbers may add some clues to what the sans font is.

Any further possibilities out there?

I can't find anything closer than Mercury Display Bold for the title.
The sans must be Klavika (Condensed) by Eric Olson [Process Type Foundry, 2006]

The sans in the boxes is too small for me to understand.

In passing, the other DoRzeczy appears to be:

Krzysztof, the designer, was kind enough to confirm that the serif nameplate is Mercury Display (modified), and that the other typefaces on that design are Bodoni MT Condensed (Tygodnik Lisickiego) and Cambria Regular for the story blurbs (he didn't mention the sans for the numbers, but Klavika appears to be right).

I didn't ask him about the sans nameplate design.

DPape, I'm going to suggest something else for the sans version--Houschka Rounded Bold (with custom chamfered terminals):

Mercury Display (modified): (You can have it for $10US.)