Need to ID 3 Sans-Serif fonts


I would appreciate the help in identifying the 3 fonts posted here. Thanks for lending a hand.


Connect is heavily customized, and could be a one-off. Modifying this typeface gets you close:

I'm pretty sure Emann is:

Presto is a bit more difficult. The following is close, but not quite:

There are dozens of sans serif faces with the same general shape, but the kicker with Presto is the r and how straight the ear on it is.

For 'connect' you could try customizing [[|Avant-Garde Gothic]] or [[|Chalet]].
'presto': can't believe nobody's found it out... Close to [[|Klavika]]. More similars: [[|Entity]], [[|Titillium]], [[|Sinews]]

Thanks for the help, I'm currently looking through all of the suggestions. Greatly appreciated.