old Mountain Dew bottle



So I've always been a fan of the old Mountain Dew bottles. As a junior designer, I realized that I don't know what in Sam Hill their typeface is, and I'm reasonably certain it's not a custom one. I know the one on the right is, but the three on the left--can anyone help? Thanks!


It may be custom as the two n I can see are not quite the same but that may also be distortion in the photo - will look for better photo

Look at this image:

That's excellent. They do look consistent this way...

It is rather similar to http://Dom Casual, but digital brush lettering rarely seems to have this double-story 'a'. It may have been a film type, or more likely done for them by a lettering artist.

- Mike Yanega

Mike you may be right that it is photo type. In the back of the VGC catalogs were a bunch of hand lettered looking fonts that had numbers and letters and no names (F-23, F14 etc). They seem to have been a staple of the photo type setting catalogs and even the type houses in New York had different ones than the VGC catalogs.

When I was looking at the Photolettering catalog for 1960 some time ago I was impressed by the very long list of lettering artists that had contributed work. I also recall that there were a large number of brush lettering fonts that looked similar to this. Most had names that I have not seen elsewhere. Very few are digitized.

Dom Casual seems to be a hit. Thank you!