Incised Palatino like font


Ladies & Gents,

I've been going at it like crazy trying to Id this font. It stands on the wall of the Baelo Claudia site in the Spanish province of Cádiz.

It looks A LOT like Zapf's Palatino, only it ain't...

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!!!

Typophile rules (and amazes me daily!!)!!!!


Looks like Nofret Light from Berthold or Adobe

Right On!!! Thanks a million!!!

Like I said: Typophile (and all who are part of it RULE an dazzle!)!!!!

Just a sidelight: you said it looks a lot like Zapf's Palatino, and, whether or not I agree with that, the design of Nofret is by the woman who is Zapf's wife, Gudrun Zapf-von Hesse. Palatino was originally designed in 1950, and Nofret is from 1984. Nofret is one of my favorite serif types.

- Mike Yanega

Nofret is a very classy and elegant font - needs to be used more.

It also has a nice italic

Thank you again. After Bob Evans first Id I went and checked it out and felt finally at rest.

Thanks for the historical insight Bowfin. It looked like Palatino to me because I had only seen the Caps and not the lowercase. My fault. Though I agree it looks beautiful!

Though for me personally what atracts me more is the fact that, like Futura, its capitulars are perfectly proportioned.

Once again, gentlemen, thank you for your kind generosity.