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Trajan Logotype - Critique & Improvements Welcome

Dear Typophiliacs,

I am tasked with designing new logotype for a University Library Digital Center.

They have chosen Trajan as the preferred typeface.

Some issues i'm trying to improve:

they often use an initialism: "CDRS" which (to me at least) looks really horrible in Trajan, it looks like the 'S' at the end is going to tip over. I've tried to improve this by making outlines in illustrator and trying to stretch out the leg of the "R" --- how am i doing?

also in the fully spelled out words, there is another RS combination, which i tried to apply the same "trick" , but i wonder if it looks weird if that is the only R which is 'fancy'

in the jpeg it has a few variations of size and some with the 'fake' R leg, some regular, and the initialism in trajan pro and trajan pro bold.

any feedback or critique is appreciated.

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The swash R is interrupting the flow, in all versions. I wouldn't use it.

On the spelled-out versions, increase the size of "for" and "and" by 50% and drop them to the baseline of the rest of the type (I don't mind a size differential, but right now it creates too much of a hole and interrupts the linear flow).

On the stacked, spelled-out versions, try everything flush right (after you fix the size and position of the articles)--that is, move "Center for" right to align with the other two lines on the right margin.

On the initials-only version, the S looks off balance because you have too little spacing between the letters in general. Use optical, not metric, kerning and increase the letter spacing until it looks more balanced. And I wouldn't use the bold version of Trajan on anything.

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Trajan is very poor choice here; it's about as undigital as you can get.

If you're stuck with it, for the acronym: either tame the leg of the "R" or make it descend to allow the "S" to get closer; try flipping the "S" so the top is bigger than the bottom and thus fits better.


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If they want Trajan you should show concepts using it, but you could also show alternatives. Sometimes clients change their mind when they see other options. (Trajan was inspired by ancient roman writing and seems like an odd choice for a digital center.)

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Whatever alignment you chose for the three-line version (pity it doesn't have another word so you can divide it evenly), try to make sure the elements line up nicely above and below each other, from line to line.