I try to find the type of font used in the words (see picture attached). Can any one help me, please?


ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demi + a circle (avant garde has a square) + ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book

The terminals on the "c" are sliced.
They could also have used a period from Futura (or Avenir).

You could reproduce it using Futura Heavy and Futura Light, but you would need to slice off the descender on the "y" and the ascender on the "d" (even with the cap height of the "l"). Also you would need to use an "o" character and slice it accordingly as the "c" in Futura Light doesn't have terminal angles that match.

After downloading a pdf from their site and looking at the fonts, they use Avenir for their regular copy. Since "lynda" is obviously not completely Avenir based on the letterforms, it looks like the ".com" however could have been made with Avenir Book without alteration. They likely used Futura Heavy as the basis for "lynda" because of the trough in the "y" character, although using Avenir Black for the consonants and Futura Heavy for the vowels (chopping the "y" descender with the difference in length between the x-height and the ascender on the "d") would be yet another way to make it work.

URW Gothic Demi is a great match--no modifications needed--for "lynda," but not a match for "com":

Century Gothic Standard Bold is also a tight match for "lynda," and Century Gothic Regular matches ".com":

Confirming Kevin's suggestion of Century Gothic. That's definitely it, no need to look further.

Thank you so much, all of you!