LP Cover FONT of Columbia SAX 5276

Informal Gothic - revival: Social Gothic
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Usually consulting whatthefont and identifont to come to results, time and time again a little help from typophile also comes handy and highly appreciated.

unfortunately i have not come across any copy of the cover which is neither low res, blurred or distorted. Thus, automated research is not effective.
original cover was first produced in 1967 (so as to give YOU an idea when the font in question was created)

letters that do stand out are K, Y and up to a point S.

thanks for the help provided!


Resembles the old Franklin Photolettering font Pinto Flare (close, but not exact).

Here's a bolder modern reinterpretation (use the alternate glyphs to get the Y), but you'll have to add an inside-edge stroke the color of your background to approximate the weight.


I'm sure House Industries has something comparable, but I'll have to do a bit more research.

Closest I have is Social Gothic mixing upper and lowercases. As Social Gothic is a revival of "Thomas Hollingworth’s Informal Gothic, one of the winners in VGC’s National Typeface Design competition in 1965." The time frame looks to match so could be Informal Gothic at its origin...

I'm sure House Industries has something comparable, but I'll have to do a bit more research.

@Kevin: may be House Gothic?

House Gothic would be a great modern take on the look, Ryuk.

Invaders from Dafont has some of the feel - but is not a match - but interesting


THANK YOU all for your kind respective input!

I would like to concur with Ryuk, in that the original font most definitely has been INFORMAL GOTHIC and in its digital revival being SOCIAL GOTHIC. The finding fits the timeline as well (font creation 65 - recording 66 - cover production 67). It is not the first columbia/emi cover from the late 60s either which I have encountered that mixes upper/lower case letters of then 'modern' fonts.

Hence I'd say: CASE CLOSED!

(Since there is no free version out there, I'll have to fumble around in PS a bit to recreate the cover text)


Remember trace in Illustrator can really help too. Increasing resolution in PhotoShop is also helpful.

Yes Social Gothic could be edited. Main changes are to make it bolder and square up the diagonal on _S_.

again thanks for your input and ryuk's finding of the correct font!

here is the (partial) result of my PS-cover-reconstruction

edit: sorry - system would not let me insert image! (clue?)

If your image is not .jpg or .jpeg convert it to this format and try to insert the image. Make certain the file name does not include certain characters such as _&_. Don't know others that might cause rejection but they might exist.