Richard Koppe - title wall of his 1961 exhibition at IIT



The font mentioned above is actually a revival of Aldo Novarese's 1955 design called Egizio (if you want the original):

These angled-cut slab serifs reminds me of Bookman Old Style. This specimen looks like some sort of Bookman Old Style Extra Bold Extended.

Columbia Titling Bold isn't quite heavy enough, but it has the flared terminals on the E:

I agree with you Kevin, Columbia Titling Bold comes closest with those flared terminals on the E. Just need it in black or extra black if that exists.

Nice catch with Columbia Titling Kevin! Right angled-cut serifs, wide enough, almost perfect. Adding some more "Clarendon-wide" as said on Columbia Titling text description and even if none of those I've encountered so far have angled-cut serifs: Volta, Clarendon Extended, Gold Fever, Clarenwood