Record Label Logo Font


I tried uploading the image but there seems to be an error message I can't get past. It's the 'SPECTRA-SOUND' font at the top of the record label I need to identify.


SPECTRA-SOUND looks a good deal like Impact:

Sweets for My Sweet looks like Future Bold or Extra Black:

Thanks for the reply. Spectrasound is like IMPACT but it's not quite right. The O's are very different and I need to replicate the style using the text 'FOREVERMORE' which obviously features a few O's. The closest I have found is Helevetica Neue Condensed Bold but it's not exactly right either as it needs to be more compressed and taller.

CoyoteJames, I don't see a major difference between the O in your sample and Impact. Keep in mind, your image appears to be a bit distorted:

Okay, it appears your sample has a larger counter in the O than Impact has. If you substitute Impact's zero for its O, it is still a good approximation.

Placard MT Condensed Bold is another option:

or Brown Gothic Black:

or Helvetica Inserat:

or CG Triumvirate:

or Benton Sans:

That's a good suggestion. I'll see how that works out. Thanks I really appreciate your help.