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JB Heureka OT
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It's me again! I have a problem with monospace fonts that I can't find them. I tried with My Fonts' What The Font and I couldn't. I would be grateful if someone can help me. Thanks!


The kicker here is that the middle point of the M is short and pointed, while the middle point of the W is short and flat--rare to find the mix in one face.

FF Fago Monospaced is close, but the Y has a bar at the baseline and the sides of the M are flared.

As for Whatthefont and Whatfontis, they only work if the font is widely and commercially available (i.e., in those sites' respective databases), the sample is pristine, and the font has a lot of distinctive characteristics. Thankfully, there are people on this forum (not me) who have their finger on the typographic pulse, and one of them is bound to recognize it.

In the meantime, I will keep plodding away....

Thanks, kthomps5! I came across FF Fago Monospaced too while looking for the font. I thought the same thing about not having the font. Maybe is new, DK. Thanks for your help.

To me, it's rather a DIN Monospaced but can't identify for the moment. I suspect some custom job.
Alternatives so far: tdBastard (Mono), Eef, http://Mono 45 Headline, Ladislav, JB Heureka (the closest so far), Monofonto, Cornelia
Questions now. Your sample is very big and very clean. How did you get such an excellent sample? Is this from PDF? Because if it is, try inspecting its properties, font might be embedded... And if not, would you provide more information about this sample like origin, website...?

Ryuk, here are more letters of it:

It seems the font is used on Nylon magazine.

Thanks for the info, Akira! So Nylon Magazine... JB Heureka has almost everthing good except /W vertical angle. Still searching but probably custom...

Thanks, Ryuk! It's from a PDF, didn't know you can do that with a PDF! And yes, the font is JB Heureka -JB Heureka OT, actually. I went through Johannes Breyer website and he doesn't have the fonts to purchase neither and it seems that the typeface is very difficult to find online too. I dont know if anyone knows where I can find it.

Thanks for your help, akira1975 too! It's from the new redesign of NYLON, indeed!

Thanks to everyone who helped here!

To me that's definitely not Heureka or at least that's not the same version as seen on Heureka samples... Too many differences: /Q tail, /J top, /S shape... The list is too long actually. How could you state it is Heureka? Your PDF embeds it? So that's probably a newer version, refined for Nylon Magazine. Would love having a look as well so if you mind sharing your PDF with us, that would be great! And asking directly Johannes Breyer looks like the only option you have to acquire JB Heureka but probably only the older version than Nylon's.

@Ryuk, the PDF embeds it as 'JB Heureka OT' not as only 'JB Heureka'. Maybe it's another variation of the family or, as you said, a custom version for NYLON. They also use DIN but condensed, not a monospace. I thought this Heureka was a monospace but it seems like it's not. Here you can download a PDF version of the magazine.