Early anglo-saxon grotesque à la Bureau Grot

Founders Grotesk
Solved by: 
Rainer Zerenko

Here's a typeface that a major German magazine has been using for a while. An old-school grotesque in the vein of the Stephenson Blake ones which have seen several revivals during the past few years. ...all of which I've had a close look at, but this is none of them. Note the rather tame /Q/ in contrast to most of the ones I mentioned. The /t/ is a good shibboleth too. The /g/, not shown here, is of course double-storey. Yes, it could be a custom typeface, but then again, none of the four other faces that they use (AG, Sabon, Freight) is.


Looks like Founders Grotesk X-Condensed by KLIM.

that's it, thanks a lot!