Font with a LOOOPY "W".

Wish I Were Taller
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K.C. Thompson

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for this font and just can't find it.
It is the font with the loppy W in "weekend" or "whale"
I contacted a couple of people on Etsy who use it on their products and 1 hasn't responded yet and the other said, "I don't share fonts". So that made me even more determined to find it! :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Wish I Were Taller:
(free for personal use)

But I doubt they designed the font (I found several people on Deviant Art who appear to claim ownership and offer it for download).

Does anyone know if this is a rip-off of a legitimate, commercial font?

Ahh! Thank you so much! Did you just know that or did you do a search for it?! You just made my day!!!! :)

Thank you!

I used, which does a better job with freeware fonts.