Fiebing's Leather Dye

Futura Display
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K.C. Thompson

Anyone know what typeface this is?



Font IDs here please:


@hrant - That's where I posted it.

@kthomps5 - It's very similar but not quite it. It might be a logotype derived from Futura Display.

Jackfahnestock, the original typeface dates from 1932, the company dates from 1895, so I suspect the packaging design long predates the era of digital type (the digital version of the typeface dates from 2000).

It wasn't unusual, up until the advent of the computer, for designers to use type specimen books as the basis for drawing (and I do mean by hand) a logotype. Not all logos are hatched directly from a font file.

And thus ends my cranky old(er) man speech.

The vertical and horizontal proportions have been played with a bit, and a few details squared off (such as the leg of the R), but I still contend that it is Futura Display:

I had no idea the company was that old, that's why I assumed it came from a digital typeface. It was rather lazy of me to come straight here without any solid research beforehand.