Can anyone help???


Im trying to locate the fonts in this logo. I since have had no luck. Please help!!!!


House of Cars (minus the H) appears to be Good Times:

SALES/SERVICE/FINANCING appears to be garden-variety Arial:

Still looking for the H....

what is the C in the logo part?

The logomark may be hand-drawn, but an Avant Garde "C" would do the trick:

great your good at this lol. Hopefully we can find the H!

As I said, it may be hand-drawn, and not an actual font. It looks like a cattle brand, to me (flying H).

I've come up with nothing--perhaps another forum member will recognize it....

The H is from another Larabie font, Deftone Stylus.

The C could simply be a circle shape with a cutout.

Thanks, Mike, I knew someone else could find it. Looks like the left-facing spur was customized/extended.

Tempenyb, your logo is comprised of two fonts by a Canadian type designer (and the mystery was partially solved by someone whose grandparents were married in Cowley, Alberta)....