problem are: G and R. Not able to find it



If this is a logo, then /G & /R may have been modified by cutting-off parts of them.
Do you have a better image sample?
If you have cleaned-up the image by making it black & white, it might be more helpful to upload the original color/gray image.

No, it's the only I have. It was made by my client just using word and a scanner for the picture
I doubt it is able to use the PC to make changes on types. Just stretching and enlarging. :)
Now I have to rebuilt the logo. All other fonts I found immediateli but this one ...

So hard to tell from the sample, but perhaps Palatino Sans would work:

Really thanks for your help. At the end I used Lucida Sans. It stay perfect on the original file. Probably the "R" was a scanner mistake. :)
I supposed my client used normal fonts installed on a PC. :)