Logo for productivity app / typography feedback: Lucida + Futura

Hey all, so I'm working on updating the identity for a productivity app. The message that needs to be communicated is as follows:

To-do List
Tasks, Notes, Lists, Outlines
Time Management

Logo - I've got two logo options I'm choosing between. Both are just concepts so please don't critique kerning, colors or technical tweaks. I need to choose a direction, and it will then be flushed out further. I'm using the typeface Adagio sans for the logo in both cases. I'm leaning towards the page turn as it seems stronger and holds the space better. The dots communicate time management but the mark seems frail to me.

Typography - I'm restricted to using fonts from the standard CSS stack. That said, I'm using Lucida for body copy, and futura bold for CTAs and some headlines. I'd like to stick with Lucida as the users will probably be reading large blocks of copy, so legibility is a high priority. I'm not sure if futura is working with it.

*Please keep in mind this product is also an app, so the mark needs to work well in an app icon (square) shape.

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Welcome to Typophile, Bridget.

Option B would work better in a square shape (for an app), but it seems too specific to time management, I don't see "todo list" in it.

Since the app has multiple functions, have you considered using multiple elements (maybe 4)? I know that makes the elements small which is a disadvantage, but Bento by Filemaker used a similar approach. I'm thinking simple and more iconic than Bento's more photographic approach. (Unfortunately Bento was recently discontinued, and I have most of my business records on it!)

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I get the “to do” part in the second one, and I find its a clever use of the check mark which graces every and all to-do apps icons out there (so, if you want to differentiate, you could want to follow James’ advice).

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> a clever use of the check mark

I'm an idiot, I saw clock hands instead of a checkmark. (I only got 3 hours sleep last night which might be a factor.) You're right, it is clever!

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I really like option B. It's clever how it combines a check mark with a clock. So obvious and simple, yet I've never seen it done before.

Why are you stuck using CSS for the type? If the typography were part of the logo you would be able to make some needed refinements.

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I did something similar to B for a past project, so I think it's the best option of two. Though mine also covered a wax seal :)

With regards to the type choices, I'd say that while Lucida Grande works fine as a body text, it looks somewhat flimsy in large sizes, e.g. in "Data Synching". Not illegible, but kind of artsy-fartsy, not assertive enough. Also, another thing to keep in mind is that Lucida Grande is replaced with Lucida Unicode on Windows and it doesn't look *that* good nor is it remarkably legible.

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Something about the "e" in Toodledo looks strange to me. Something about the line not being flat feels off.

I agree about the checkmark/clock logo being nice! It implies that the app will save you time, etc.

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Thanks for all the comments,

I'm also partial towards B, as is my boss. The only issue is people misinterpreting it as only a clock, and losing the checkmark (as happened to JamesM). We noticed a few other people overlooked it too. Now the goal is to make the checkmark a bit more assertive for that option

The checkmark has to stay (to my dismay). I'm well aware it's used in every productivity logo ever made, but it's another constraint.

Thylacine- I can use any typeface for the logo, it's just the typeface used in the app where I'll be using Lucida and Futura. The interface for the app is used internationally and translated into different languages, so using something from the css font stack ensures there won't be any translation issues.

apankrat- Is the attached image a good representation of what lucida unicode looks like for windows? If so yes it is gross.

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> now the goal is to make the checkmark a bit more assertive

I'm not sure that "assertive" is the right direction. Perhaps it would help to make it look more like a hand-drawn checkmark, like someone would make on a piece of paper.

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Yeah, by "making the checkmark assertive" what I mean is to assert the message of the checkmark (to do) more than the message of the clock (time).

Hand-drawn is definitely one way that could help. Good thinking

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