Slab Serif, Heavy, high pointy crotch on M


This is from a collage and alas I have only the single character


Wow. You are good. I tried WhatTheFont and it didn't give me that result.
Just goes to show you that humans ARE better than machines.


Even if of course I'm not here to contradict Kevin's excellent suggestion of Base12 but because Base 12 does not look like a "College" font at all for me. So here are some suggestions for fonts with a "College/University/Varsity" vibe. May be you'll find them interesting as well: National KWB (fantastic job for about US$2), Octin Sports, Sports World 4F (perfect design by 4th February Sergiy Tkachenko and free!), Collegiate FLF, Freshman, Wanted, Superstar and Academic by M54

Working link for Sports World (because Typophile choke on https):

By the way, I think Doug (ignatiusx), really meant collage (as in, not college.

@Kevin: yeah! Matching for sure! You perfectly nailed it since the beginning :)

I concur. Mine was just a service post.

Just trying to prompt a moderator to mark the thread solved....