Problems with kerning (type 1 fonts)

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I have set kerning in my win type 1 font, and, wanted to use it in MS word. Weird is, kerning works just in some cases - just on basic characters. The problem is only in office - in all other programs like illustrator / indesign not.

- screenshot - left - illustrator, right MS word 2007 (problem at "ře" vs "re" )

- turn kerning in word on/off,
- play with settings at fontlab options in kerning,
- made openType feature "kerning" with kerning asist.
nothing worked. seems like word ignoring all national characters kerning..

Anyone can help me?

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I assume rcaron is referenced in r right kerning class. Did you compile before generating?

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Type 1 fonts have no kerning classes, so you probably should expand the class kerning before generating the fonts (Tools → Kerning Assistance → Expand).

By the way, I didn’t know that Type 1 fonts were still supported by Word ;)

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Oh yes, I was thinking OT. Why are you creating type 1 anyway?

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Type 1 fonts can only have so many encoded glyphs, and to have rcaron in a Type 1 font would require an unusual encoding. That character is not in WinANSI (codepage 1252) or Adobe Standard Encoding. It is however in Windows 1250 (Central European). You may need to be sure you set that encoding before generating the font, see if that helps?

It is also possible that there is some sort of Windows or app-specific bug in this regard, related to assumptions about encoding. :(

Note that Type 1 fonts will not even show up in modern DirectWrite apps, so it's kind of a dead end these days. I wouldn't build a new font in Type 1 unless it was required by a customer for some odd reason.

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It is of course possible that OP said 'Type 1' while meaning 'CFF-flavoured OT'

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