Tpeface on building. Was built in the early 70s.



Hoping someone could help me out. Please identify this typeface in the photo below.

I know I've seen it before, and I think I once knew what it was.

Thank you for your help :)


Can't find it, but a perspective corrected image may help somebody to find it:

For digital equivalents, looks like a mash-up of Kobalt (most of the letters) and Eagle Bold (C, S):

It's entirely possible that the original signmaker took his inspiration from older type samples (the original Eagle Bold was designed in 1933 by Morris Fuller Benton; Kobalt was created by Leslie Cabarga in 2007, but based on Art Deco typefaces from the same period as Eagle Bold).

Thanks heaps guys, I'll continue to try and track it down :)

I note that the Dom Polski Centre is located in Australia
What would a 1970s Australian designer use as inspiration for the _DOM POLSKI CENTRE_ sign?
Something from Poland?
Something from Australia?
One, as already mentioned, would be Eagle Bold drawn in 1933 for the National Recovery Association.
Others could include the 1930s designs of Alessandro Butti for Nebiolo. Few are digitized. Some letterforms that are echoed in _DOM POLSKI CENTRE_ are found in Semplicità. See Simplo and Semplicita

If this was something from Poland and it was ever made into a font it is possible that it was by a Polish fontmaker.
Perhaps it is worth digging through the links at Luc Devroye's Polish Font Scene page

Thank you so much. Yes, this building is in Adelaide, Australia.

I will go through the links you provided and will continue on my quest to piece it together.

Many thanks!

I have gone through so many typefaces, found some really nice ones along the way, but still haven't figured this one out...

Most probably because it isn’t: