Font from C. Atlas video Monospaced ????


Thanks an advance to anyone who can identify this...sorry so small.


Not a slab serif, but a gothic sans. Best guess for the numbers is Benton Sans Comp Regular, by Font Bureau (text may be the same, but couldn't find a larger capture of it online):

Decent alternate, save for different angled stroke ends = News Gothic Std Condensed:

That looks very, very similar but to me there are noticeable differences in for example the J, C, S and the 2. Seems to have more of a monospaced feel as well. Picture is comparison using BentonSans. I am going to try and find a better source picture.

My ID was only for the numerals--the text is too small to accurately ID and yes, it appears to be a monospaced font.

I completely misunderstood the "for the numbers" part...don't ask me how, haha! Thanks a lot because that does certainly look dead-on.

I've found Letter Gothic Std Medium which is close but it's still not there yet...still the noticeable difference in characters like the 2, S, N, etc....a tricky one.

Letter Gothic looks pretty good to me, based on what little can be seen on the sample.

Even with the gray font and gaussian blur effect of the source text, the difference to me is such that if I don't find out the exact font, well...i'll go mad. Letter Gothic might as well be Arial at this point.