Old Style Serif


Thought this might have been from the Goudy family ...but no, wrong again ...sigh.

Thanks in advance!


Some deranged variation of Chesterfield:


I agree this is probably based on Chesterfield.
You can find it under many names, but most of the companies bellow are well known for font forgeries, so be extra careful when use it or obtaining a license for a commercial project:

Duffy - Copyright Copr. 1992 Silver Graphics
Quangnam - Copyright (c) VNI 1992
SMCNewHaven - [no copyright info available]
VNI-Duff - Copyright (c) VNI 1992
Olmitz - [no copyright info available]
Tuscan - Copyright 1988-1999 IBS -Future Corporation
Trifles - Digital font data from The WSI-FONT Collection. Copyright (c)1992-1994 Weatherly Systems, Inc.

I don't know which - if any - of the above is the original font name.

Thanks you, thank you!!

The typeface was Truffles - a transfer lettering font by Judy Frye Pearsall, 1986.

I assume, without hunting it down, that Trifles is a ripoff of Truffles - as was Duffy.

See this Myfonts forum thread in which the font's creator chimes in.

Good find Mike. Judy Pearsall might not have been a top font designer like Alan Meeks but I would give her college days design an A for originality and would not label it as "Some deranged variation of Chesterfield," [Kevin's phrase].

I was reacting to the inner shadow and glow effects, Don....

Inner shadows and glow effects are always a dead give away the designer was out of really good ideas.