Corktown Toronto street sign

Verdana Pro Bold/Black or Tahoma
Solved by: 
K.C. Thompson


Fedra Sans Display Pro Heavy is close, but not quite:

Better match is Verdana Bold, though I think on your sample it's been compressed vertically, and maybe a stroke added to beef it up:

Verdana is a good call as long as her twin-sister Tohama. New to me now, while looking for a link to Tahoma on MyFonts, found Mammoth which interesting here, a bit bold though.

As for Verdana and Tahoma, both are Matthew Carter designs. Tahoma's letters are narrower and it has tighter letter spacing. There is a still narrower version called Nina.
Verdana Pro from Ascender has a Black weight in addition to the Bold. Compare:
If I was attempting to duplicate the _CORKTOWN_ sign I would create an intermediate weight of these two fonts.
However, IIRC, when white letters are placed on a dark background they appear thinner than when dark letters are placed on a dark background. It's worth converting Verdana Black to a white on dark version and comparing it to the _CORKTOWN_ sign.

Don you UPDATE makes a very interesting point in judging size etc.

Thank you so much for the keen eyes and advice everyone. Very much appreciated!

kthomps5: I think you're correct about the image sample being compressed slightly.

donshottype: Very good advice. I think I will create an intermediate, but will compare with different colours first.

Thanks again all.