sans serf with contrast



Please id.

Feels like Peignot and Optima, but not.

As close as I can find and not it is Darjeeling

I have found a possible sample, but cannot find further reference or source.
123Buero - Timo Gaessner/BoutiqueLight

If you can stand the backward leaning |S| (and the different |R|), the recent Bodoni Sans could be an alternative:

Thanks very much for the lead to Boutique.
I've poked around the web and see the Boutique font on the Milieu Grotesque website:
Designed by Timo Gaessner, released in 2012.
This site also sells products:

Also on Fontdeck:
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In effect designers rent fonts from Fontdeck. We host the font files on our own servers and web designers link to those files in order to display the fonts on their website.

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Thanks all!

Good find Dick - and a new designer I did not know about, cool.

Nice, but too pricey for me: 99CHF (Swiss francs ~ $106US) each weight.