Flair Headline—Wide Didone

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Hello, Typophile! Looking on feedback on a new typeface I’m working on; it’s based on my current logotype.

It’s a wide-set display didone. My design uses hairline serifs, and then flared shapes that flow from the hairline to construct letterforms that usually are defined by serifs, where a hairline serif would be too ill-defined.

Here is my newly modified logotype that I am expanding into a typeface, I added a curl to the /R/ leg, as well as tracked out my first name.

Looking for ideas, because I’ve been told that having both hairline and bracket serif styles makes the design seem disconnected, but I feel that the curved forms of the flaring connects with design of the curved letters, and just hairline serifs would affect legibility a lot, especially since the weight of the face is very heavy. The more I can have it match my logo, without “forcing it”, the better.

The usage I have in mind is large display usage and very short headlines.

Flair_Hairline_7-31.pdf390.56 KB
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Like the feel of it Mark, if anything the glyphs may be a tiny bit too wide.

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I really like it

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So far so good. A few comments:

  • The /S/ could be more contrasting in its transitions. I would prolong the hairline thickness closer to the spine.
  • The junction to the upper serif in /S/ is a bit too low/steep.
  • The /!/ lacks of contrast. Try tapering the lower end of the drop.
  • The terminal of /R/ is too thin.

Keep it up!

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This is beautiful!

I would consider making the /X/ wider.

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