Bodoni or Garamond style


Greetings! This is a romantic case.

My girlfriend was at her trip to Prague, and got this tattoo. This numbers mean the important day for us.
When I decided to make the same thing, I realized that it’s not so easy to find the exact font.
Some of them are too heavy, others have different “M” letter shape.

I hope you can help me find this font.
Already tried myfont tool, 50 pages of listings on different sites ant tools like identyfont.

Thank you in advance!


First thing to remember is this is not a font- it is lettering by a tattoo artist. But for a model to show the artist what you want Bodoni MT (Condensed Bold) from Monotype should give them a clear idea of what you want,

Better yet, take your girlfriend... ;-)

Or just take the photo and make the tattoo artist do a drawing of the final piece before touching your skin.
(by the way, looking at the sample, it seems to me that the lettering inspiration is something more calligraphic than a metal typeface like Bodoni)