Sans-serif, thin, plain font


As far as I know, I have this font on my computer, but I haven't been able to find it now that I'm looking. I searched through a couple of font viewer programs on my computer, but still can't find it. I created this in Inkscape, copied the image to another file and then didn't save the image (d'oh!). I've done all the online font identifying I could figure out how to do, you're my last hope. Thanks for your help!


Yes, that's close, but I am really trying to find something like that in the public domain or free for commercial use. I've searched for lookalike fonts to Trivia Sans, but haven't found anything yet. I'm still looking :) Thanks for your input!

Can we ban these requests for free fonts already?

Trudi the font is only $39 - since it is for a commerical use you need to know that font creation is also a commerical enterprise.

I figured it out! It is Sinkin Sans 100 Thin. Inkscape rendered it slightly differently than I saw it anywhere else (the letters got a little thinner than they were showing up in the font viewers I used).
Here is how it looks in Publisher 2007:

Sorry about the free part, didn't know it was a sensitive topic. I'm assisting my husband with a small agricultural magazine that he is helping to start and right now we don't have the funds for extras like that. Down the road I'm sure that will be an expected part of the magazine (paid fonts, images, etc.). Thanks for the help.