Two fonts mixed in one logo, I'm interested in the C which is very cool



You can try http://Boingo by Bright Ideas but I'm not sure either it's their design or it's actually free, so be careful if you want to acquire a license for a commercial project.

Other names:
Paisley IGC 02 - Copyright (c) Bright Ideas, 1999 [same font, same company, under a different family name: it smells a little bad]
Matreshka - Copyright (c) Gophmann A.L., 2006 [known for taking other's fonts, rename them and add Cyrilic letters]
NK52 - Cirilicna Slova Dodao Nikola Kovanovic

Yes, it is!!!! Thank you very much, solved...

The original was Paisley Two Alt by Image Club.

A lot of Bright Ideas fonts were slightly altered versions of existing fonts (but lots were original, too).