COVER CAPS 1903 steam car instructions


Tiny serifs, high centers


Tiny serifs, high centers, British

When I first saw this, my initial thought was Della Robbia, but the M and N don't match, nor is it high-waisted.

Even after finding a better image on the Bonham's website, I still can't place it. Maybe the new image will help someone else:

ITC Korinna is also close but not perfect

Looks like an embossed book cover. Based on lettering. Note differences in repeated letters, for example _R_ has five variations.
Thomas Maitland Cleland's design for Della Robbia was released by ATF circa 1902 and was a success. This could account for the similarities between the mini-serif low contrast style of these letters from 1903 and Della Robbia, which has this style.

Some of the lettering follows Della Robbia's distinctive letterforms, such as _G_, but most are almost generic lettering. For some letters the lettering artist followed letterforms that were popular circa 1900, such as the _N_ with it's raised diagonal stroke.
AFAIK this lettering has not been made into a font.