Swedish mailorder and interior design logo

A mishmash of different fonts that have been tampered with.
Solved by: 
Bob Evans


The t tied to the o and e lead me to believe this has been messed with a whole bunch and is not a font as such.

That would confirm my suspicions since I could not find any similar to it.
Do you know of any font that is similar to the logo?

Only because of /e and /o (less), I'd probably go with either Avant-Garde Gothic Bold or Meloriac.

If i´m mostly looking for a font where the J has the same look and where the T have the same slope on the top of the letter. Do you have any suggestions?

Kristina, it's not likely that you'll find an unaltered font with that j and angled t (Univers and Arial, for instance, have an angled t, but in the opposite direction).

In addition to Ryuk's very good suggestions, here are a few more fonts that might get you closer:

Tablet Gothic Wide:

Corporate S Extra Bold:

Kropotkin Standard 42 Expanded Black:

Thank you for all of your replies. You are all awesome and have been a great help.