Old Domino Box Geometric Font


I was recently given this old box of dominos and liked the lettering used on the box. Ignoring the logo in the capital D, I was wondering if anyone knew if any similar fonts existed digitally, especially with the super narrow, lower case n.


Find a geometric sans-serif that comes in condensed weights, and mix and match them--Gill Sans, for instance--to get the same effect.

Very similar: Bomparte's Fonts-John Bomparte/Hamptons BF Light

Excellent find, Dick. I guess I should have searched using "idiosyncratic" as a keyword.

Idiosyncratic, indeed. Of interest, perhaps, is that this idiosyncracy was demonstrated way back in 1990 in the font Fina Heavy by Image Club (and I'm not sure it was original then). Just stretch the D and add a couple of stems ...

Sorry for the terrible image. It was all I could find aside from nefarious download sites.

Bingo, Dick. Almost identical. I wonder if the _Domino_ lettering had the same Art Deco source as John Bomparte's font, or if it's convergent design evolution based on the principle that _O_ and other letters with bowls are very round, while other letters are compressed width.

Closest I could get to the logo is Samuel Marcius, Dominoes...(never thought I'd be able to use this one)

This would make a eye catching cover for the game. Domino with some guy who has a number. Note the black and white swimsuit, very domino.

Today's trivia:
---start quote---
According to a tradition current among the Chinese laborers in the United States, dominoes were invented by Hung Ming, a hero of that popular romance, the Sám Kwok chi, for the amusement of his soldiers to keep them awake during the watches of the night in their camp before the enemy.
---end quote---
But that's just a story: http://www.gamesmuseum.uwaterloo.ca/Archives/Culin/Dice1893/invention.html