Creative Market logo's two fonts?


In Creative Market's logo, there are two fonts used - one script and one sans serif. I would love to know both fonts, but especially the sans serif one, as it would be perfect for a project on which I'm currently working. Does anyone here by chance know?


I could have sworn that this has been discussed before on this forum, but I can't find the thread.

If memory serves, the script was custom calligraphy.

I don't remember if the sans was identified, but Alright Sans Bold is close for Market (though the a is too narrow):

kthomps5 - Thank you! Yes, I thought it had been discussed too and looked for the thread, but likewise couldn't find it. Glad to feel like not such a dunce. ;)

Thanks for the heads-up on Alright Sans. I'll have to keep that one in mind - it's lovely! But in this case, you're right - it's very close but not quite right. The angle of the legs on the "R" and "K" are a bit different as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Maven Pro Bold is a bit closer for MARKET, though perhaps still not a dead-on match:

The MARKET font looks like more like a weight of Gotham to me

Josev, you're quite right (I have a blind spot when it comes to Gotham--or at least Jonathan Hoeffler, these days). Tobias Frere-Jones I have no beef with....

Gotham Medium looks to be a good match.

Thanks, you guys! I really appreciate your expertise!

Former discussion you're after Kevin :)
'Creative' is definitely custom to me.
Alternatives for 'Creative' so far: Billabong, Slim Tony and Mercury Script (more of Fenotype Emil Bertell's work), Ollie and Gelato Script by Schizotype Dave Rawland, Kon Tiki Enchanted, Rambler Script, Sauber Script, Mousse Script
'MARKET': concurring with Josev on Gotham

You guys rock. Seriously. :) THANK YOU!