Client Logo


Any help in identifying any of these fonts is much appreciated! I know it's probably a long shot. Best quality Logo I have


Am I crazy to think that this began life as Orkney (many, many photostats ago)?:

Also know as Octopus:

I think you couldn't be more spot on!!!

You are wonderful.

Oh, and Bookman Bold for 1951:

Helvetica should do nicely for SHOES and SINCE:

I nailed Helvetica... lol

I was using Eames Century Modern for 1951. What do you think?

Eames Century Modern is closer to New Century Schoolbook (which is more ornate than your sample), but I can't argue with House Industries (just over the Delaware border from me), and its a nice upgrade from Bookman.

Anything would be a vast improvement over that over-reproduced, sorry original.

It's terrible isn't it?!

Thank you for your help.