(Slab?) Serif Stencil


This is from the actual movie poster. I just singled it out so it would be an easier read. I understand that someone might have "stenciled" an existing serif just for this poster. I would venture to say that this is some sort of phototype. The date on the poster is 1987.


The basic letterforms are a general match to the much lighter weight Map Type by SoftMaker Software GmbH 1995 No legitimate source. No information on a heavier weight, or compressed versions.

Ready-to-go alternatives: Tea Chest/East India Company

donshottype: Thanks for tracking down those letterforms. I was trying to find similar information and turned up totally blank.

Ryuk: Tea Chest is pretty similar.

I just now noticed that this stencil has some Belwe-like traits. The 'G' sets it apart from a lot of serifs.

Maptype is Karten-Augustea from Bertold 1964, see an earlier post from Don on it here,


Thanks Bob. I had checked my earlier post before posting this specimen, but decided not to cite it because it raises more issues than it solves.

I should mention that with the exception of the "drainpipe" curved foot on _G_, the unusual leg on _R_, the top lhs serif on _A_, and the bottom rhs serif on _N_ and _V_ the design of base letters is derived from a conventional typeface.
A word about terminology. An "Egyptian" or "Egyptienne" typeface is a Roman typefaces with slab (or square or rectangular) shaped serifs. Typefaces that have bracketing between main strokes and serifs are known as "Clarendon-style Egyptians."
GOOD MORNING VIETNAM is a Clarendon-style Egyptian. See for example Egyptienne Bold Condensed by Linotype
The width, horizontal contrast and serif length are similar but the the horizontal strokes are too heavy and the serif thickness is about twice that in GOOD MORNING VIETNAM.

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