The Norman Hotel logo font


I tried WhatTheFont, but it didn't come up with any similar font suggestion. Any ideas?


Accent Graphic - with letters modified

If this is your only image it is probably to small to run through what the font, try and find larger images for better results.

Hard to say, the sample is small and looks badly rendered at this size (bad web export? poor quality font?). Here are some close but can't state if they could match: Euro Sans (possibly the closest, nothing much to do), Balham, New Millenium, latin counterpart of Myanmar/Oriya MN

Thank you all for the suggestions so far. This picture is a little larger:

Thanks for the better sample. Still can't identify it positively. List from my previous post still valid. Adding Intention and Radiant. What I could say for sure is it has been customized (don't know any font with such a crossbar-less /A).

Ok, thanks Ryuk!