Condensed bold serif, found in 1979 book called Strange Cults


Found this beauty used throughout the 1979 Angus Hall book on The Supernatural called Strange Cults. It reminds me of ITC Grouch, but is more condensed and has different nuances that I can't put my finger on. Any help would be appreciated!


Looks like TimesModernEF (Regular) by Elsner+Flake is a close relative.

Closest digital I can find to this photolettering era creation is
Riccione Extra Bold with width compressed to 75 percent.
TypeShop’s Riccione is perhaps based on Modern Times Black by Lettergraphics International from 1969, but I might have misread a previous thread
For an interesting discussion See: The Other Times Modern by Fonts in Use Note the reference to “EF Times Modern” which was mentioned by Bob.

Bob: like a Siamese twin?

I think it's probably Times Modern because of the time period and a lot of similar traits. Cole's article says that TimesModernEF was pulled from the market "due to a complaint from Times Newspaper Ltd. who claimed that the name was too close to Times Classic and Times Millennium." Riccione would probably do the trick.

Bob, I agree with your summary. If a digital TimesModernEF was available I would have shown it. Riccione is the second best, but it's available.