Calligraphy Font ID help


I would appreciate some help identifying the calligraphy fonts in the image posted. I'm more interested in the first two samples, but would like to know what Jubilee is resembled in. I'm assuming these are custom lettering, but if there's a commercial font closely looking like these I would appreciate some direction to the right place. Thank you.


_Oneline©_ , according to a post on in 2011 is an unused proposal for an insurance company logo by a Polish graphic studio Fajne Chłopaki The word _Online©_ is subtitled _UBEZPIECZENIA_ which means "insurance" in Polish. Don't know if the script is an original by the studio, or whether it is a Polish adaptation of an existing logo.

In any case it's probably handlettered. Note the differences in the repeating letters.

The bouncing lowercase has some similarity to Mistral, but is not monoline

Monoline script fonts that have some similarity, but are too regular
Matinee Idol
Sneaker Script

Plus a monoline script font that is similarly free-style, but different

Not monoline but freestyle with some similarity

Ryuk, thanks for your help, it's always good to hear from you. I'm looking into Suomi Hand Script as it is very fitting for the project I'm working on.

Don, thank you for the information and the links. Shelby and Amplia caught my eye and I'm looking into those fonts as well as Suomi Hand Script. They have a nice flow and are great for what I'm working on.

Thanks again!