Script font from around the 70's I think


I haven't been able to identify this font by myself. It probably dates back to the 70's and the pre-DTP-days. I've found similar ones but I would be truly grateful if anyone succeeded in identifying the exact font.


The two /e are dissimilar, so probably is hand written.

The /S shape is more common than I would have thought, however nothing exact was found.

Florentine Script II

Dick - it's painful to see anything from Southern Software recommended in this forum since everything they offered was a ripoff clone of someone else's font.

Florentine looks as close as anything I could find.

Thank you, but as you say, it is probably handwritten. There weren't exactly any advanced OTF's at the time, loaded with alternate charaacters... :)

I'll try to build it myself, maybe with Florentine as an inspiration.