c1940 Italicised Script


Marked by the forward ascender loop and left axis crossbar of capital "F" and narrow aperture capital "S" (similar to the commercial Studebaker but with a longer shelf ).

Discovered on a postcard for the "Fairyland Service Station", later "Cornerstone Service Station", now a Starbuck's, located caddy-corner to the entrance to Rock City, Lookout Mtn.

There's no evidence the signage was never a part of the physical structure, to my knowledge, and was likely added by hand to the colorized photo used for the souvenir postcard bearing its name.


I checked fonts from the era and found none that are particularly close.
If the lettering artist had wanted to base the sign -- whether physical signage on the building or just lettering on a postcard -- on a font, these are three that could have been used for inspiration.
Signal, designed by W. Wege for Berthold in 1931

Elan, designed by Hans Möhring for Stempel in 1937

Kaufmann, designed by M.R. Kaufmann for ATF American Type Founders in 1936

Kaufmann was everywhere during the 1940s, while Signal and Elan were less common.

All great suggestions. Thank you. The weighting is comparable for all three, but the adjacent stroke vectors for the first two are a little too acute.

Again, thanks for the info!