Date from the Title Page of an F-4J Phantom aircrafts NATOPS Flight Manual (An Old U.S Navy Manual)


I classified the typeface as 'Display' but I'm not completely sure that it is.

This typeface is similar to the Futura series, however the '5' is quite a rare design and the '9' and '6' are different to what is common with Futura.


Looks like a variation of Twentieth Century (but the stroke ends on the 1, and the shape of the 5, are still off):

The 5 is closer to something you'd see in Avant Garde (save for the pointed juncture of the bowl and vertical stroke):

Twentieth Century Bold looks close, but there are still quite a few differences such as the curved back of the '6' which also has a smaller 'hole', in fact the enclosed sections of all characters should be smaller. The lower left hand flat section of the '3' should jut out slightly (I'll upload a few more images).

TR Avalon Sans Bold from FontShop has the 5 and 1 but some letterforms vary a tiny bit.

I couldn't find that font bojev. Is it similar to the following: ?

Maybe what we're dealing with here is some knock-off of Futura (Spartan Heavy comes to mind, but it still isn't a perfect match--the 5, for instance).

In the phototypesetting era, there were often clones of famous typefaces that not only were given different names, but also "improved" on the details.

I think you may be right kthomps5. The manual contains a couple of other fonts which don't seem to be available in digital format. One of them looks almost identical to Garamont Amsterdam EF Medium Italic, save for a couple of very minor differences. The Garamont typeface was created in 2004 however, whereas the manual was written in 1946.

The TR Avalon at fontsplace looks like a clone of Avant Garde, designed in 1970.
As for Spartan, this was produced in many variations from 1939 onwards by Bauer & Linotype, as a knockoff of Futura. Only two versions have been digitized, as Book and Heavy
For _5_, top but not bottom is similar to your manual. For _6_ some curvature of the back, but not as much as your manual. No real difference from Futura.
It's almost as if the font designer took the bottom of a Futura _3_ and pasted it on _5_ or lifter the bottom of the _5_ in Helvetica.


TR Avalon is a older clone of Avant Garde as Don mentioned.