rounded geo sans, sort of like arial?


I am very interested in the typeface on the obi for the album "Albedo 0.39" by Vangelis.
More specifically i would like to know what font the 0.39 is in.

here is the serial for the LP: RVP-6156

a few guesses would be ...
arial pro greek rounded or heisei maru gothic


Helvetica Rounded

i feel like i cant find a good example of Helvetica rounded then.
is it just Regular old helvetica rounded or is there a specific name of the style?

Does not match heisei maru gothic but might be in another Japanese font.
Closest I have found would be AG Book Rounded at a weight between Light and Regular
But this is not a full match because the mid stroke of _3_ is too short.

Thanks so much! this is very close. just trying to find something close so this will do for now :) im still trying to find out what this is exactly!

helvetica rounded came out in 1978, this record is from 1976.
also i can only find examples of helvetica rounded in bold. -- in the link you gave me, the 9 is much too thick . it could very much be helvetica but im just not finding any regular (non bold) versions! could you help me out and post an example?