Calligraphic serif

Motto of Morris Fuller Benton, 1915
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I found this typeface on a portuguese gardening store.
Could you help me to identify it. Thanks.


Should be Motto by Morris Fuller Benton, 1915
Courtesy Mike F:

There are two versions of Motto that I'm aware of. One is Paul Lloyd's Queen Empress. The other was digitized by Dan Solo and is available as Motto on the Dover 24 Calligraphic Display Fonts CD.

Rigth, it's really looks like Motto by Morris Fuller Benton.
Anybody knows if a better digital version exist?

Seems to be an opportunity for a fontmaker to do a good digital version. The original was published in the ATF catalog of 1923 at pp 454 to 456.
It is also cloned in the old Stephenson Blake specimen books as Runnymede.

Thanks Don.
Yes it's.
I have no time to design a font for this project but it could be a nice project for the future.
Do you have a HD scan of this specimen?

Thanks all for help.
If any of you knows a new clean digital version, lets me know.

Thanks for posting that nice image, Sébastien.

Paul Lloyd's Queen Empress is available here:

"Do you have a HD scan of this specimen?"
For this you would need to access a printed copy of the ATF 1923 book or order photocopies from a library that has it and is willing to do photocopies. You have the page numbers.
Please note that the old specimen books did not usually include a large scale character set. Rather they offered a presentation of phrases in various sizes.
The 1923 ATF book was one of the earliest to offer a character set, but only at a smaller scale. This is what is shown in the book:


Thanks Don.
I'm in France.
ATF specimen & ATF typeface are quite rare here.
I'll give some news if I work on it.