Help with this block font with serifs, Please.

Solved by: 
Dick Pape

Help identifying this font would be appreciated. Thank you.


Could be based on City.

Not exact, but: there is a font called Cyclones by Paul Meenan, Prairie Cat Graphics created for Iowa State University Athletics (pdf extract).

Also, Iowa State University Cyclones logo:oh well.

That looks like its it. Thanks dpape!

Just a sidenote now after Dick's brilliant identification of 'Cyclones'. 'Cyclones' is an exclusive typeface for Iowa State Athletics and can't be used for any purpose else. Now judging by the complete alphabet, 'Cyclones' is definitely based of Berthold City.

Ryuk: I generally always agree with you, especially on the "brilliant" part, but it was unclear whether this font was digitized from the university pdf or stolen from the athletic department.

There is also some controversy whether their alumni accept this design or not.

Could still be based on City, of course.


Agree on everything but moreover on the 'brilliant' part ;)