Geometric Sans Serif from 1953 magazine

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rob nolan

Anyone know the typeface in black? Thanks!


Is that magazine Vogue, by any chance? Your sample reminds me of a typeface called Vogue which Intertype designed for Vogue Magazine in the 1930's.

The New Yorker used a custom typeface called NY Vogue Goat (an extrabold Vogue) until a recent design overhaul. Even still, there isn't currently a readily available copy of Vogue for license.

VF Sans, a typeface for Vanity Fair by James Montalbano, is really similar and has only recently been available for individuals to license. Montalbano says that he wasn't aiming to make a Vogue revival but I consider the multiple resulting weights of type to be a happy accident.

Two weights of Am Sans by Volker Busse, another similar to Vogue, used to be available through a lot of freeware sites. I'm not sure about the licensing details so I can't confidently recommend it.

Thanks for the reply! The magazine is actually 'Science Fiction Plus.' The typeface looks very similar to the ones you posted. However, the W, M, and Q are quite different. Just added a photo of the Q. Many thanks for all the info!

Here is another look at Vogue. My original sample didn't include these alternates.

Awesome, thanks! Looks like a match.

Rob, you have an interstellar bulls-eye.
AFAIK nobody has done a digital version.
The magazine was a unique publishing effort from 1953. An attempt to produce a Science Fiction magazine that was a slick, not a pulp. Hence the stylish typeface. Info on the magazine BTW the wiki misses the fact that in addition to fiction, the magazine published extensive science speculation articles ranging from how to build an interstellar multi-generation spaceship -- with detailed plans -- to life on mars. I still have my copies of all seven issues.