Beautiful GWR Drawing Office Stencil Font


This is a beautiful stencil / lettering guide font from engineering drawings produced by the GWR railway in England. The sample given here dates from the 1920s. I would love to know what it is.


BOCIE or BOGIE? Ambiguous design. If the latter, I have seen a "lemon sucking G" like this on serif fonts, such as Ronaldson and more extreme versions -- smaller & more protruding with tiny serifs -- but I haven't found a digital version yet.

Hello, It is a "G" as in BOGIE. The C design is different, see here:


As far as I can determine there is no matching digital or metal font for this lettering.
Looking at the font as a whole, the closest digital match -- including tricky letters like _S_ and _R_ -- is Neuzeit S Heavy based on Stempel Sans Bold or Neuzeit Grotesque, by Wilhelm Pischner in 1928, which by coincidence is the date used in your sample.
Neuzeit S Heavy could serve as the inspiration for someone wishing to create letters that match the G.W.R. stencil. Remove the serif from _G_ and make some boxing at the lower terminal. Or, simply add the boxing at the lower terminal of _C_. Compress _W_, and perhaps do a minor compression of _M_. Other minor changes. Cut for stencil effect.

I should mention that the metal type version of Stempel Sans Bold was a geometric design and thus the letter contours were very close to what the GWR draftsmen drew. When the font was digitized, as Neuzeit S Heavy, this discipline was relaxed to incorporate some of the flavor of the grotesque/humanist style.
For a pure geometric, compare the digital Neuzeit S Heavy with Intro Bold Not all letters match, but the geometric contours of letters such as _S_, _C_ and _G_ match very closely with the GWR stencil.

Thank you Don - Pischner's Neuzeit S is a good looking typeface. Someone mentioned Arston stencil - but it has a different "feel" I think (I don't know typography words to describe this feeling!).

Perhaps crisp and regular for Neuzeit S and Intro vs somewhat boxy for Arston -- which is like a toned down Meilor with its super-ellipses in place of a circles. Also Arston is wider for the non-curved letters like _H_ and _K_. But there is certainly a subjective element. I also prefer Pischner's Neuzeit S to the others, with the possible exception of _S_, where I incline towards Intro.