Distressed Impact?


Hi everyone, hoping somebody will be able to help me with this one, I'm doing some identity work for a client who has a pre-existing logo (attached) they would like to keep the current typeface as it's been used quite extensively up til now. I'm having trouble matching it up, at first I thought it was Impact with a distress effect applied, but it's not, any suggestions for a match or alternative close match would be a great help.

Thanks in advance,


Have you ever gotten a vector version of this logo?

The reason I ask, is that the colors aren't solid — there are gradients of color within the letters, like where paint would build up on a stamp. It looks like it was hand-stamped/painted, scanned, and the t and O were duped. (If so, I'm not sure why — if you're going to actually go through the trouble to hand-make letters, why get rid of differences?) If you've only ever had raster/bitmap versions of the logo, that would be my guess how it was done.

Some possible substitutes:
http://321 Impact*
Crush Rough
http://DCC Ash*
Dub Tone
FF Cartonnage
http://Odd Press*
http://Old Tpography*
Prison AOE

* free