Default machine/typewriter sans serif?



Does anyone know what this font is?
It is kind of like a typewriter font without slab serifs but looks default for a machine.

It would be great to find out!
I like the look.

Thanks in advance!


Artwork by Joe Bradley. Firstly thought it could be bespoke then reminded me of Leroy Lettering machine (alternatives here). To me it looks like some sort of Helvetica Rounded Light with some little adjustements. Then, I remembered many non-latin fonts have their latin sub-sets close to "classic" typefaces (Helvetica, Optima, Times, Myriad...). Finally, found the Korean language font HY Gothic Rounded (bundled with Adobe Font Folio 11) that matches this design.

Yes Ryuk, it is by Joe Bradley! Good spot.
HY Gothic Rounded is very close but I see a different R and G.
Do you know other fonts that could be like this to check? A newer version of HY Gothic Rounded with changes? Thank you for the suggestions! It is very helpful.

Sorry Takashi, was too happy to find a close one that I concluded it was it too hastily. Sorry for that, many details remain off actually but can't find something closer than HY Gothic Rounded. Still searching...

Thanks Ryuk, I appreciate your effort. Look forward to seeing what you find.

Ryuk, you are definitely on the right track.

When I searched, I came up with a number of Korean and Chinese typefaces that were very close, but not quite exact matches (such as Gulim, which comes with the Mac operating system)--and nothing closer than HY Gothic Rounded.

Thanks for the counter-effort Kevin even it's still unbroken. Can't believe we can't find it...

Since the artwork consists in etched plastic plaques, and given the kind of spacing (see, for example the A-T pair in "EAT", my hunch is that it's a font that resides in some specialised machine used for custom made plaques, and has no direct correspondence with any digital typeface.
As for general shape of letters, the closest I found is AG Rounded.

Thank you riccard0. This is very helpful! Sorry to hear it isn't digital because it is very nice.