Typeface similar in design to Maximus BT, but with some different charactors...


I am doing a case study on early game promotional/advertising artwork, and the attached image is from a German advert for Tiberian Sun from 1999.

The closest match I can find is Maximus BT, but the a few letters are noticeably different once i overlay the type on the image. the letter R is the obvious one. Perhaps they used a older revision of Maximus BT?

I appreciate any help you can provide.



I can't find such a revision of Maximus, but there are many illegal clones of it having this /R (but also a different /S) from well-known font forgery companies:

LevelorDisplayCapsSSi - Copyright 1992 Southern Software, Inc.
LevelorDisplayCapsSSK - Copyright 1992 Southern Software, Inc.
Maverick - Copyright 1990-1992 FontBank, Inc.
Pigeon - (No copyright)
Najelle - (No copyright)
Wrasse - (No copyright)

The usual practice of companies like Southern Software & FontBank was to copy the whole font and change only the family name (sometimes they don't even bother to replace the copyright of the original foundry) so I assume there was actually an older revision of Maximus (or other original font) having this /R and SSi/SSK just copied it.